DE Newsletter

DE Newsletter
Spring 2013

Welcome to the second edition of Central Carolina Community College’s Distance Education Newsletter for students. Each newsletter will provide you with important information, so please take the time to read the newsletter when it is published.


Blackboard Mobile™ Learn

The College has purchased the Blackboard App: Blackboard Mobile™ Learn in order to provide students a more flexible way to access their Blackboard course sites. The App is now available for download to any mobile device regardless of service provider at no cost.

For more information, please click the below link:

Blackboard Mobile Learn

(The information is in the text portion of the webpage.)

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Blackboard Mobile™ Learn App Features

Assignment due? Class cancelled? This is the place where instructors go to post the news students need to know. Students have instant access to the latest announcements, and instructors can post announcements anywhere, anytime.

Want to know how you did on the midterm or your last homework assignment? Students can view their grades right here.

Read blog posts and interact with classmates by posting comments and uploading media as attachments on blogs (Android and iOS) as well as uploading non-media files (Android)

Wondering who is in your class? With the class roster, you can quickly see your full class list, making organizing study groups a whole lot easier.

Read and reflect on your journal posts and those of your classmates. Both students and instructors can comment on journals.

The discussion board is a key course communication tool for engaging students and promoting learning. It's the place students ask and answer questions and where instructors can respond to one student for the benefit of all. With Blackboard Mobile Learn, instructors and students can review and post to threaded discussions, as well as create new threads, all while on the go.

Students can access music, videos, and images uploaded by their instructors directly from their mobile devices using the appropriate media specific software.

Stay on track and manage the progress of various tasks from turning in homework assignments to reminders to pick up a midterm or purchase a textbook. Tasks allow students to mark when they start a project, when it is in progress, and when it is complete.

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Like Us on Facebook

Central Carolina Community College’s Distance Education Department has created a Facebook page. Be sure to like us on Facebook to stay up to date on news from Central Carolina Community College's Distance Education Department! Join us on Facebook.

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The Orientation Quiz in your Distance Course

All distance education courses require students to complete an orientation. While completing the course specific orientation, students are required to complete various exercises. One of the exercises that must be completed is an orientation quiz. It is extremely important that the orientation quiz is completed by the deadline. It must be completed in order to stay enrolled in the course. Failure to complete the orientation quiz by the deadline will result in being dropped from the course.

Please note the following orientation quiz deadlines:

  1. January 10th:Distance Education Courses Orientation Quiz Due (1st set of 8 week courses)
  2. January 13th: Distance Education Courses Orientation Quiz Due (16 week courses)

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Blackboard Tip

An alternate way to access the Blackboard Login page:

By bookmarking this URL, you can bypass the CCCC website and go directly to Blackboard. This means you don’t lose Blackboard access when the college website is down or slow.

Update your Password

It is strongly recommended that you change your Blackboard password every semester in order to ensure your account security. Click on the below link to view a video created by Blackboard. It gives step-by-step directions on how to complete the change of password process.

How to Video: Change Login Password

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Important Dates

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Distance Education Contact Information

Bianka Stumpf
Director of Distance Education
Phone: 919-718-7470
Bianka can help you with your questions and concerns about distance education policies and procedures as well as ensure you get the answers you need from the College.

Cristian Wood
Distance Education Advisor and Success Coach
Phone: 919-718-7315
Cristian can help you with advising concerning program of study, course concerns, and student services.

Amanda Carter
Distance Education Coordinator
Phone: 919-718-7515
Amanda can help you with technical issues in your distance courses.

Jennifer Owens
Distance Education Specialist and Blackboard Administrator
Phone: 919-718-7457
Jennifer can help you with your technical issues, questions about orientations, and proctored exams in distance courses.

Amanda Matthews
Career and Technical Distance Education Coordinator
Phone: 919-718-7349
Amanda can help you with technical issues in your distance courses.