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DE Newsletter
Spring 2011

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Mobile Blackboard

Want to check your course announcements with your Blackberry? Or need to use your Droid to take a quiz? Are these things possible? With the growth of smartphones and other mobile coming devices, compatibility with Blackboard becomes an issue. As such, the distance education department conducted research into the most popular mobile computing devices. This included a netbook, an iPad, an iPhone, an Android, and a Blackberry. It was determined that netbooks provide the most compatibility. Although the Blackberry and iPhone were the least compatible with Blackboard, there are still many features that can be used in conjunction with Blackboard.

All devices allowed the user to view announcements, items with text, grades, folders, and external links. Multiple choice tests can also be completed. The netbook, iPad, and iPhone also allowed users to view Word, PDF, and PowerPoint files. Users are able to submit discussion board posts, blog posts, and journal posts using each device, with the exception of the iPhone. Please see the chart at the link below for specific compatibility issues.

Mobile Compatibility Chart

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Need Assistance?

Students are encouraged to visit the Cougar's Den, available online. Here, students are able to locate information in the form of tutorials and FAQs pertaining to many topics related to distance classes. This includes things such as Blackboard related tasks, Cougar Mail, Webadvisor, Final Exams, and much more! Students are able to call for assistance with the following:

*If contacting CCCC is not a local call for you, and you live in NC, use the toll-free number (1.800.682.8353). The last 4 digits of the numbers above serve as the extensions for the toll free number.

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Faculty Profile

Ms. Kannarr, past instructor of the year, teaches distance and seated classes in the business department. She has a Bachelor's in Marketing, a Master's in Business Administration, and ten years of retail experience. Because of this background her courses deal primarily with business and marketing. Of particular interest is her REAL (Rural Entrepreneurship through Action Learning) Small Business class, available online. This class focuses on training students to take their business ideas and develop them into feasible plans. She also serves as an advisor for Phi Beta Lambda, a student organization for business majors. As an advisor she assists with regular meetings and travels with the organization for competitions on the national level. This is just one of the many ways she is able to assist students, both in and out of the classroom. Her tips for distance students include:

In her spare time, she enjoys reading. She also enjoys watching her son's soccer team, relaxing on the beach, and shopping antique stores.

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Academic Assistance Services

The services provided by the Academic Assistance Center are not only for seated students. Distance students, both local and remote, are encouraged to take advantage of the services also. Some of the services available include:

Students should contact their nearest campus's AAC for hours.

We encourage you to utilize our Academic Assistance Centers - located on the Lillington, Pittsboro and Sanford campuses. It is our goal to provide you high quality tutoring, modern technology as well as an environment that is conducive to learning.

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Education After CCCC

Remember that your education doesn't have to stop once you complete your degree at CCCC. Many universities offer one or more bachelor's level programs entirely online. There are even some graduate programs offered for those wishing to continue even further! While some schools advertise the availability of their distance education courses and program very broadly, others may not. However, it is important to remember that just because the school is not pushing their online status, it does not mean online programs are not available. Many colleges are increasing the availability of attending classes at a distance. Remember it is always important to check with the individual school. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that your program can be obtained at a distance. Below are just a few of the universities that offer one or more bachelor level programs at a distance:

Please be sure to contact the individual school for additional information on available distance education programs and transfer requirements.

Important Dates

Important Dates

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