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Operations Management

This program is no longer being offered.

Operations Management is for individuals who want to develop effective decision-making and analytical skills. Successful students can balance several variables while working toward a goal. Leadership skills, along with good people and communication skills, are needed.

Students tend to be mature, hard-working individuals with well-defined career objectives. They rely on non-technical skills such as critical thinking, communication, and organizational skills.

Operations Management is a specialized program focusing on skills needed in the modern organizational setting. Students learn to plan, organize, and budget. They study issues of quality control, safety, team building, and labor relations.

Classes include environmental health and safety, quality management, production and operations planning, materials management, and issues in operations management. Other required classes include accounting, business law, principles of management, economics, and marketing.

General education classes include written communication, technology and society, and psychology.

Graduates find employment as quality technicians, shift leaders, or team leaders in a variety of area organizations. Many graduates use their education for advancement with their current employer. Others use their upgraded skills to open doors to management level positions.

The Operations Management Program is offered primarily as an evening program on the Lee County Campus in Sanford. Some selected classes are available during the day. Many of the general and business management courses are also offered through distance education.

An Associate in Applied Science Degree is offered as well as Diploma and Certificate options. All credits taken in the diploma and certificate programs will transfer into the degree program.

The instruction emphasis in the Operations Management Program is on case analysis and problem solving. Students work in teams and individually to learn how to identify, prevent, and solve problems. They develop strategies to improve efficiency and skills to lead a team to successful results.

Classroom projects, in-depth discussions, and guest speakers enhance the learning atmosphere.Visits to area industries also give students unique perspectives for this career choice.

The Operations Management Program has an experienced faculty. Not only are they experienced teachers, but they have years of industrial experience in the operations management field.

What is Operations Management?
A curriculum designed to educate individuals in the technical and managerial aspects of operations for manufacturing and service industries.

When is the Operations Management program offered?
This curriculum is an evening program with selected courses available in the daytime.

What are some of the major areas of study in this program?
General Education courses, Environmental Health & Safety, Quality Management, Production & Operations Planning, Issues in Operations Management.

What Students Learn

Students successfully completing the Operations Management Program will be able to:

  • Apply quantitative decision-making tools and analytical methods to solve operational problems faced by manufacturing and service organizations.
  • Demonstrate and apply the procedures involved in planning a project from start to finish-including writing a proposal and giving an oral presentation.
  • Recognize issues involved currently in all types of organizations (manufacturing and service) and explain the tactics and approaches needed to address these issues.
  • Describe the management of an organization that desires to become one of " Performance Excellence" using the latest techniques.
  • Apply writing skills, oral presentation skills, and teamwork, through working in teams to develop, write, and present a major course project.
  • Describe and research OSHA regulations and apply these regulations to employer workplaces.
  • Apply the best practices in leading and managing people in all types of organizations.
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