Congratulations July Employee of the Month:
Cathy Swindell

Cathy Swindell

Cathy Swindell
Director of Industry Services

Q.   How long have you worked for CCCC?
A.   I started as a contract industry trainer for the Industrial Relations Department with Ray Epley in 1997, so, it will be 20 years in August.
Q.   What brought you to CCCC?
A.   I was a client of the college. As the Quality Manager for a local manufacturing company, I worked with Ray to provide training for the plant. Seeing what Ray did and thinking about a change in my career, I saw the value of the services the college provided through Industrial Relations. CCCC has always seen our industry clients as partners and I'm passionate about industry and what we can do together.
Q.   Describe what you do for CCCC.
A.   My role is Director of Industry Services; I work with industry in our 3-county service area to provide resources that allows them to be successful. That usually comes in the way of training development and funding but can also include fostering connections in the community and at CCCC. We want industry to come here, stay here, and grow here. Part of my role is managing the Howard-James Innovation Center, a college facility dedicated to providing training for industry clients and those that wish to pursue a career in manufacturing.
Q.   Where were you born?
A.   Siler City, N.C....I'm a Chatham County native!
Q.   Where did you grow up?
A.   I spent half my life between Chatham and Lee counties but lived in Wilmington, NC for about 20 years where I went to high school and community college.
Q.   Educational credentials?
A.   I hold an AAS in Chemical Technology (Cape Fear Community College), a BS in Technology Education: Training and Development for Industry (NC A&T University), and a Masters in Education: Training and Development (NC State University).
Q.   Where do you live now?
A.   Lee County.
Q.   Tell us about your family!
A.   My husband, Danny, and I just celebrated our 20th anniversary; Danny is an Advanced Electrical/I&C Technician for UNC-CH's steam generation plant. We have one child, Megan, who just graduated high school and is headed to Western Carolina University Honors College in the fall to study Forensic Anthropology. My Mom lives with us so it won't quite be an empty nest! Our family is completed by two rescue dogs (Missy and Mollie) and our daughter's rescue cats.
Q.   What are some of your hobbies or other interest outside of CCCC?
A.   I am active in our church, Pocket Presbyterian (multiple roles over the years), serve as a Girl Scout leader and trainer, and am on the Board of Directors for the Stevens Center. As to hobbies, I play Bluegrass music, work on my family (and friends') genealogy projects, read, and love photography.
Q.   Anything else you'd like to share with the CCCC family?
A.   I realize just how quickly 20 years can go by when you love what you do and the people you do it with.



New Upward Bound TRiO Grants

CCCC has received two new Upward Bound TRiO grants to serve students in Harnett and Lee counties!

One of the grants will serve 60 students in Harnett County, and the other grant will serve 60 students in Lee County. Each grant is for approximately $257,400 per year for five years, making the total amount of new funding received just under $2.6 million over the next five years. The grants are in addition to an already existing Upward Bound Math and Science program, which currently serves 62 students in Harnett County, as well as a Veterans Upward Bound program and two Student Support Services programs.

"CCCC's College Access Programs department is thrilled to have the opportunity to bring two new Upward Bound programs to the local community, and most importantly, to serve more students by preparing them for college," said Ashley Tittemore, CCCC Executive Director of College Access Programs and Director of Upward Bound Math and Science. "We have seen the immense impact that our Upward Bound Math and Science program has had over the last five years on students in Harnett County, and we are looking forward to bringing additional cohorts of students into the program and helping them achieve their college dreams."

The Upward Bound programs are currently seeking applications from rising, 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students in both Harnett and Lee counties. For more information about the Upward Bound TRiO program at Central Carolina Community College, call 919-718-7463, email, or visit the website at

Congratulations Upward Bound!


A History of Central Carolina Community College: The First Forty Years

Avron B. Upchurch

Celebrate the history of CCCC and read about the first forty years. Through a collaborative effort of the library and Digital N.C., the book, "A History of Central Carolina Community College: the first forty years" is available online at

The CCCC history was written by Avron B. Upchurch (pictured left) and edited by Lars Hamilton in 2002.

Avron Upchurch writes, "This history is dedicated to the administration, faculty, staff, and students of Central Carolina Community College. Each person has helped shape this college and lived the history." Words that remain true today!

A History of Central Carolina Community College: The First Forty Years.


The Lympanys set endowment with CCCC Foundation

Steve and Laurie Lympany are giving back to the college to which they both were employed.

The Lympanys have established an endowment with the Central Carolina Community College Foundation, with proceeds to go toward Engineering scholarships. Steve Lympany is former Chairman of the Computer and Engineering Technologies Department.

"We were blessed with an opportunity to give back to the college community by establishing the endowment. We're delighted that it will enable us to continue supporting students now, and in the future," said Lympany. "In Laurie's experience as a recruiter for CCCC, she witnessed over and over again that scholarships made a major difference in a student's ability to attend college and focus on school. A scholarship can be transformative in a student's life."

Lympany has fond memories of his 29-year career at CCCC, including:

  • "Helping students achieve their academic goals and get a strong start on their careers."
  • "Working with colleagues at CCCC that care about their students."
  • "Nurturing the startup of the Laser and Electro-Optics program in 1987 and seeing the first Laser students graduate in 1988."
  • "In 1993, Governor Jim Hunt dedicated the Laser and Electro-Optics Center of Excellence on the Harnett County campus. I was honored to provide a tour of the laser facility for Governor Hunt and State Senator Elaine Marshall."
  • "Riding a Segway around campus and at high school college fairs to promote the Engineering Technology programs at CCCC."

What advice would he give to an individual who may be considering a community college education, especially in the field of Engineering Technologies?

"Go for it! There are several different types of engineering technology programs, as well as a wide spectrum of job functions and job titles out in industry," said Lympany. "A graduate will find many exciting and challenging career paths to suit their interests and put their community college education to work.

"Overall, a community college provides an accessible and affordable path to an outstanding education."

CCCC Foundation

Steve and Laurie Lympany have established an endowment with the Central Carolina Community College Foundation, with proceeds to go toward Engineering scholarships.


CCCC Programs Receive Recognition

Central Carolina Community College has been named among the nation's top Veterinary Technician, Dental Hygienist, and Beauty and Cosmetology schools, according to The Best Colleges website.

CCCC's Veterinary Technician program was ranked 12th nationally - and the only North Carolina school to rank among the top 12. There are nearly 200 Veterinary Medical Technical programs in the U.S.

CCCC's Dental Hygienist program was ranked 18th nationally - and the only North Carolina school to rank among the top 18. There are 331 accredited Dental Hygiene programs in the U.S., according to the American Dental Association.

CCCC's Beauty and Cosmetology program was ranked 11th nationally. CCCC's program ranked fourth among the 14 North Carolina community colleges ranked in the Top 50 in the nation.


Collection of Newsletters

Samantha O'Connor

The library has a large collection of archival material going back to the founding of the college. The following newsletters are a part of that collection. Many of the archive materials were collected by just hanging on to copies of things that were distributed to the campus community. This is how the library came to have everything from student handbooks from the 60s and 70s to graduation programs and student literary magazines. Tara Lucas, Director of Library Services, says all of the archives were stored in a closet in the library, only semi-organized, but in no way accessible for anyone to use. Samantha O'Connor's goal, since 2013, has been to organize the archives, and make them accessible.

Here are a few of the staff newsletters. If you are interested in learning more, contact Samantha at

Bottom Line, March 1986 Bottom Line, Dec. 1986 Bottom Line, May 1987

Before there was Cougar Bytes, there was the Bottom Line.

Positively Speaking, June 1995 Positively Speaking, Oct. 1995

And after the Bottom Line there was Positively Speaking.


CCCC Libraries Partner with the NC Digital Heritage Center

In the Beginning
The library staff first learned about the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center in the fall 2011 semester. Rita Van Duinen, former Lead Instructor for the Library and Information Technology program and current Branch Manager of the Chatham Community Library, had just started working at CCCC. In talking with the Director of Library Services, Tara Lucas, Rita asked if we had a College Archives. Upon receiving an affirmative answer, Rita shared with Tara that she had previously worked at the Digital Heritage Center (DHC) at UNC-Chapel Hill. She also conveyed that the DHC could digitize archival materials for libraries free of charge as long as the materials fit with one of the projects on which they were currently working. One of these projects included digitizing yearbooks, and the library had quite a few yearbooks in the College Archives. Rita gave Tara the contact information for Program Coordinator at the DHC. This was CCCC's initial contact with the DHC, and they agreed to digitize our yearbooks along with a book written by Avron Upchurch, A History of Central Carolina Community College: the First Forty Years. These publications are now available online at

About the NC Digital Heritage Center
The DHC is a statewide digitization and digital publishing program established in 2009 and housed in the North Carolina Collection at UNC-Chapel Hill. The Center works with libraries and cultural heritage institutions across the state to digitize and publish historical materials online. This also provides libraries, archives, museums, and historical societies with the opportunity to promote and increase access to their collection online. The Center is supported by the State Library of North Carolina with funds from the Institution of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant program, and by the UNC-Chapel Hill University Library. The mission of the DHC is to support community engagement and lifelong learning by promoting and increasing access to North Carolina's cultural heritage.

The DHC can digitize a wide variety of materials, including: photographs, newspapers, scrapbooks, manuscripts, books, maps, works of art, museum artifacts, and more. All materials digitized by the Center are published online at This website is hosted by the UNC-Chapel Hill Library, and maintained by the UNC Library staff and the DHC. The contains thousands of items from libraries, archives, and museums around the state and is a great resource for students, teachers, researchers, and anyone interested in the history and culture of North Carolina.

CCCC Involvement with the Center
In the fall 2016 semester, the CCCC Library began sending photographs from our College Archives collection to the DHC for digitization. Much preliminary work had to be completed before these could be digitized. Each of the photos had to be organized and described using metadata so that this information could be added onto the website with the photos when they were published. The bulk of all of the preparatory work was done by Samantha O'Connor, our Public Services Librarian, with the assistance of other library staff. Approximately 2,400 of over 15,000 photographs in our archives have been digitized at the DHC to date. Other items in our College Archives include: art, audio recordings, college publications, slides, student handbooks, and videos. Once the photo digitization is completed, the library will select another area of the archives on which to focus our digitization efforts.

Tara Lucas, Director of Library Services, has been serving on the Advisory Board for the DHC since 2015. This is appointment is for a three-year term, and Tara was selected by the DHC to be the community college representative for the state. The Board advises the DHC staff on policies and collection development, as well as plays an important role in helping to determine priorities for major projects. Board members, in consultation with their constituencies, may also suggest specific projects and partnerships. One of the main projects the DHC is currently working on is digitizing microfilmed newspapers, which is always in high demand by the institutions served. Future project efforts will focus on underrepresented populations and communities in the state to increase the diversity of voices shared on


Digitizing CCCC Archives

The Digital Heritage Center is a rich resource for North Carolina's historical artificacts. Samantha O'Connor's project began when she started with the library in 2013. Part of her responsibility was to manage the libraries archives. Early on, she was convinced that the photo collection held interest for our community. Samantha spent two years organizing the photos and creating descriptions for each image. The library has more than 15,000 individual photos!

CCCC Digital Heritage Center

Digitizing and hosting such a large collection was not an option for the library in terms of time, cost, scanning, and the infrastructure needed to host the collection and make them accessible online. Tara Lucas had been working with the Digital Heritage Center to scan and host CCCC's old yearbooks, and she recommended DHC as a partner for the photo digitization.

Once the collection was sufficiently arranged and a significant portion described, a timeline was worked out with the Digital Heritage Center. Since then, two boxes of photos, or about 800 individual items, are regularly delivered to the Center in Chapel Hill along with spreadsheets of the descriptive files. The entire process takes one month to six weeks per box. The library hopes to complete the digitization in the next three years.

CCCC Digital Heritage Center Archives CCCC Digital Heritage Center Archives
CCCC Digital Heritage Center Archives CCCC Digital Heritage Center Archives
CCCC Digital Heritage Center Archives CCCC Digital Heritage Center Archives
CCCC Digital Heritage Center Archives CCCC Digital Heritage Center Archives

To see the complete CCCC digitized materials visit The Digital Heritage Center.


Guide to Archival Holdings

Guide to Archival Holdings

Interested in the Central Carolina Community College Library Archives? For a complete list, view the Guide to archival holdings.


Mental Health First Aid Training

Thanks to everyone who attended the second Mental Health First Aid Training on July 10 and 11. Through these trainings, approximately 60 faculty and staff are now certified through the National Council of Behavioral Health in Mental Health First Aid for three years.

Participants in both the first and second training sessions suggested a Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Resources link, added to the Intranet under Helpful Files by Department, Security & Safety. This resource contains a directory of local management entities that provide 24/7 care.

Mental Health First Aid Training Mental Health First Aid Training


Notes from Institutional Effectiveness & Research

2016-17 Enrolled Student Satisfaction

According to the 2016-17 Enrolled Student Survey, 93% of enrolled students are satisfied or very satisfied with their overall CCCC experience. Great work, folks!

CCCC is seeking SACSCOC approval for a new certificate and five high school locations!

CCCC is seeking approval from SACSCOC for two related changes, effective January 3, 2018. The first change is a new Criminal Justice Technology Certificate which represents a repackaging of existing coursework from the existing, approved Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in Criminal Justice Technology. The A.A.S. degree is already offered at three existing, approved sites and via distance education. The second change is an associated expansion of offerings at five high school locations to include greater than 50% of this new Criminal Justice Technology Certificate. The high schools include Triton High School, Harnett Central High School, Overhills High School, Western Harnett High School, and Jordan Matthews High School.



TRiO Student Support Services Visits the Fort Fisher Aquarium

On June 22nd, participants from TRiO Student Support Services and Student Support Services STEM and Health Sciences took a cultural experience trip.

They started the day be visiting the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher. Students learned about North Carolina's freshwater and saltwater aquatic life.

TRiO Student Support Services Visits the Fort Fisher Aquarium

Students then enjoyed some of the Wilmington area's culinary offerings. They had lunch at Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn, then ice cream at Squigley's!

They ended with a quick visit to Carolina Beach. Some students had never seen the ocean before despite living in central NC their entire lives!

TRiO Student Support Services Visits the Fort Fisher Aquarium

TRiO Student Support Services and Students Support Services STEM and Health Sciences are two Department of Education funded grant programs that provide specialized services for students who are low-income, first generation, or have a disability. If you know of a student that could benefit from our program's services, please refer them by e-mailing or calling (919) 718-7567.


Looking Back

Civic Center Sign

Over eight years ago, in 2009, the Civic Center updated their sign to include digital capabilities! Today, the Dennis A. Wicker Civic Center is updating the entire facility!


NCCET Annual Conference

Cathy Swindell traveled to Boston to participate in the NCCET (National Council of Continuing Education and Training) annual conference as a guest of Solomon-EOS, long-term training partners. The session presented was "Lean Six Sigma Utilizing an Electronic Blended Learning System", something that CCCC had piloted and continue to offer to industry as a collaboration between Solomon and CCCC Industry Services.


UNC CGCIO Program Graduate

Tommy Holder has successfully graduated from the 2016-2017 Certified Government Chief Information Officers Program(TM) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's School of Government. Tommy is one of the 48 local government, state agency, community college, and K-12 IT leaders in the state of North Carolina who successfully completed the course this year.

The program is designed for local government Information Technology Directors and Chief Information Officers whose challenging responsibilities require a broad understanding of management, leadership, legal, regulatory, and enterprise topics. The course is approximately 240 hours in length and course instruction covers strategic technology planning, communication, project management, emerging trends, risk assessment and management, acquisition management, change management, leadership, security, legal issues and financial trends.



College News Association of the Carolinas Board Member

R.V. Hight has been selected as one of six board members for the College News Association of the Carolinas. The College News Association of the Carolinas (CNAC) was formed in 1963, and is a group composed of higher education public relations professionals. CNAC sponsors programs and engages in activities aiding members in news and public relations, including issuing publications and holding conferences. For more information on the CNAC, visit Congratulations, R.V.!


Register Now Signs

Open registration for CCCC has begun! Would you be willing to place a sign in the yard at your home for others to see as they drive by? Send your name and number of signs needed to and we will deliver signs for you to display. When the registration campaign has concluded, we would appreciate if you would return the signs to the CCCC Marketing Department.

Register now sign


Reserving the bus/van for student activities/events

The CCCC activities bus and CCCC van are available for use by faculty and staff for student activities and events on a first-come, first-serve basis. To reserve the bus or the van, contact Heather Willett at ext. 7235. If you are reserving the bus, you will need to have an approved driver with valid CDL driver's license. For all events, please provide the reason for the trip, the date(s) of the trip, and a list of names of the students and faculty/staff participating in the trip. Key pick-up will be arranged with Heather Willett, with most key pick-up and drop-off being handled at the financial aid window in Hockaday Hall, Lee Main Campus. Have a super summer!



CCCC is broadcasting through channel 4CNC in Chatham, Harnett, and Lee Counties! You can watch on:

  • Lee County on Charter Cable 193
  • Chatham County Charter Cable 193 or TWC 97.5
  • Harnett County Charter Cable 193
  • Throughout Central NC Century Link (PrismTV) Channel 98
  • Watch online at

View the 4CNC schedule at:


Student Orientation Dates

New Student Orientation dates are as follows:

  • July 24 - Chatham Main Campus (morning & evening sessions)
  • July 25 - Lee Main Campus (evening session)
  • July 27 - Harnett Main Campus (morning & evening sessions)
  • August 2 - Lee Main Campus
  • August 3 - Lee Main Campus (evening session)

For more information, please check out our website at


New Student Orientation Polos Available!

New Student Orientation Polos are now available to order!

Cost of Polo: $16 (payment due at time of delivery) for a BLU-X-DRI Stain Release Performance Polo. This 100% 3.8-oz polyester shirt features BLU-X-DRI moisture wicking technology. A sample is available for viewing in Adam Wade's office in the Bell Welcome Center. To order, please complete the form at For more information or questions, please contact Seth Buchanan at ext. 7339 or or Adam Wade at ext. 7526 or

New Student Orientation Polos Available!



Professional Development Opportunities

The purpose of professional development is to support the mission of the college by helping employees enhance their job skills, obtain job-related knowledge and information, increase productivity and efficiency, and/or prepare for higher-level positions.

View upcoming professional development opportunities at and register today.

Recorded Sessions

As always, we continue to record the sessions offered in the Smartrooms. You can view them by:

  • Using Internet Explorer to login into Blackboard at
  • In the upper right corner, click on your name and select "Professional Development" from the drop-down menu.
  • Then select, Recorded Sessions from the left-side column

Hope to see you all soon and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns!

Daisha Gaines



Summer Schedule

The college's 4-day/10-hour work days continue with the following Friday closures:

  • July 21
  • July 28

The eight-hour work day schedule resumes Monday, July 31.


Perks at Work

Perks at Work

Perks at Work offers employee discounts of up to 25% on name brand, practical and luxury items, as well as travel, amusement park, and entertainment tickets. Register for free at

First-time users will need to register using their work email address and the company name of EAP in order to access the Savings Center. When entering the company name, as you begin to type a drop-down menu will appear. Please choose EAP from the options in the drop down.

  • Don't forget to use the company name of EAP.
  • Please register with your work email address.
  • Be sure that you can access your email right away. A system-created message will be sent to that address immediately.
  • You will need to retrieve the email to complete your registration and then log in to begin exploring the site for the great discounts.


Employee of the Month Program

Please join me as we continue recognizing our full-time faculty and staff for their exceptional contributions and customer service. The purpose of this award is to:

  • Promote positive employee-to-employee and employee-to-student interactions on campus in order to further a learning first culture.
  • Increase employee engagement through recognizing positive employee behaviors.

The Employee Recognition Committee is currently accepting nominations. All nominations are due by the first Monday of the calendar month to be recognized the following month.

Read Employee of the Month Program Eligibility & Guidelines. To nominate a deserving colleague, please click: Employee of the Month Nomination Form


Welcome New Employees!

  • Christopher Bailey, faculty, Practical Nursing
  • Karen Slunaker, faculty, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Christine Harner, faculty, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Sarah Griggs, Success Coach / Advisor
  • Lindy Hall, Library Assistant / Acquisitions


Shout Out to Cougar Pets!

Thank you to the veterinary shelter and Cougar Pets for all you do and for our George! Our family adopted George when he was four years old. He had been living in the shelter for three of those years. He is a most lovely cat. We will always be thankful to Cougar Pets!

George the Cat George the Cat George the Cat

George is a patient and loving cat. He gets along well with his two step-brothers and is always curious.

George the Cat George the Cat George the Cat

George likes his tummy rubbed! He is never scared, super friendly, and we feel blessed he chose to be part of our family!



Birthday Cake
7/20 Rhonda Jones
7/21 Meghan Brown
7/21 Morgan Steele
7/22 Kaan Ozmeral
7/23 Shelly Watkins
7/24 Sue Atkins
7/27 Nancy Wiser
7/28 Amy Baker
7/28 Nena Dixon
7/29 Cathy Swindell
7/30 David Butler
7/30 Theresa Cebulski-Field
7/30 Joli McDonald
7/31 Richard Biggs
7/31 Elizabeth Hodges
7/31 Elizabeth King
8/2 Marcie Dishman
8/3 Karen Owen-Bogan
8/4 Jon Matthews
8/7 Michael Fann
8/8 Betsy Browning
8/8 Sarah Hoffarth
8/9 Wendy Harrington
8/9 Jessica Holt
8/9 Janet Zurbach
8/10 Donna Cummings
8/10 Christine Harner
8/10 Tanasha Murchison
8/10 Jessica Rogers
8/14 Lara Abels
8/14 David Heesacker
8/14 Sandra Hurley
8/15 Daniel Berndt
8/16 Talia Friday
8/16 Emily Hare
8/18 Audra Kallimanis
8/20 Crystel Harris
8/20 Neil McGowan
8/22 Phillip Ashe
8/22 Diane Kannarr
8/22 Wynnette Oliver
8/22 Donna Rhodes
8/22 Precious Ward
8/24 Jacqueline Keith
8/25 Debra Champion
8/25 Cinder Goldston
8/25 Kevin Pearson
8/28 Becky Finken
8/29 Robin Walker
8/30 William Palme
8/31 Robert Hammond


News From The CCCC Family

We sadly announce the passing of a previous CCCC employee, Nevaida Robinson. VA died peacefully on July 12, after a brief illness. She was 84. Prior to her move to Richmond, she was a 51-year resident of Sanford, NC. During her years in Sanford, NC she served as a Clinical Instructor for Practical Nurses at Central Carolina Community College. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to First Baptist Church, 202 Summit Dr. Sanford, N.C 27330.

We are sad to inform everyone of the passing of Ronald Miriello's mother, Mrs. Ruth Oldham Miriello, 93, of Dunn on July 6. Memorials may be made to Central Carolina Community College, Samuel R. Miriello Scholarship Fund, 1105 Kelly Drive, Sanford, N.C. 27330.

We regretfully announce the passing of Kevin Coleman's nephew. Mr. Eric Lee Coleman, 18, of Lillington passed away on June 19. A funeral service was held at O'Quinn-Peebles-Phillips Chapel in Lillington. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to Kaiden Lee Coleman in care of Kevin Coleman, 5028 S. River Road, Lillington, N.C. 27546.



Dates to Remember


Wednesday, Sept. 20 An anniversary celebration for the Triangle South Enterprise Center will be held from 4 to 6 p.m. at the TSEC in Dunn.

Friday, Oct. 6 Central Carolina Community College will host National Manufacturing Day at the Dr. Paul Howard and Dr. Barbara James Innovation Center.




Cougar Pets News


Cougar Pets

Jingle Bell is a very sweet 4-year old lab mix with gorgeous chocolate eyes! She enjoys long walks and snuggles, and would love for you to come and visit! Jingle is spayed and up to date on all vaccinations, and has been in our colony for two years.

Visit our website at for more information on Jingle Bell, and others.

To make it easier for potential adopters to fill out applications, complete the online form at Happy adopting!



Things Wanted, For Sale, or For Free!

For sale: Wedding dress, size 4. Beautiful beading, organza and lace with train and bustle. Only alterations done were hemming. Shawl, veil and tiara included. $100 for all. Original cost from David's Bridal for dress, veil and tiara was $750. Please contact Lois Rice at (919) 545-8044 or for details.

Wedding dress Wedding dress

For sale: Nice box trailer with wxtra's. Asking $2500. Photos and details available online. ​Call Mike Peluso at (919) 280-6681

Box Trailer with Extra's



Contribute to Cougar Bytes

Cougar Bytes is happy to accept your August contributions. Cougar Bytes is a monthly newsletter focused on staff and faculty. We welcome any events, stories, photos, or shout-outs in each issue. Please submit your contributions to

Our deadline for contributions is August 21 for the August issue. Thank you!