September Employee of the Month: Susan Johnson

September Employee of the Month

Through all of the changes in instructors, classes, additions of programs, etc., Susan Johnson always comes to my office and takes the time to offer to help me with anything she can! I know that she has a full plate, and a full schedule and I appreciate all of her guidance and patience with all of us every day. The students, faculty, and staff all love her.

Susan Johnson

Department Chairperson for Barbering and Cosmetic Arts

How long have you worked for CCCC?
I have worked with the college for a total of 7-1/2 years.

What brought you to CCCC?
One of my former Cosmetology instructors and department chair encouraged me to take a position as an adjunct esthetics instructor.

Describe what you do for CCCC.
As a department chair, I provide resources and support for our students, faculty, and staff. I am also the liaison for the college with our State Boards for Barbering and Cosmetic Arts. In addition to my department chair responsibilities, I have the pleasure of teaching some of the brightest and most creative minds!

Where were you born?
Raleigh, N.C.

Where did you grow up?
Dunn, N.C.

Educational credentials?
Certificate in Cosmetology, Certificate in Esthetics, Certificate in Medical Aesthetics, AAS General Occupational Technology, Licensed Esthetics Instructor, Licensed Cosmetology Instructor, and Licensed Cosmetologist.

Where do you live now?

Tell us about your family!
My husband, Aaron, and I have been married for almost 20 years. We have two sons, Seth and Scott. Our oldest son is in his first year of college and our youngest son is a junior in high school. We have two dogs, Abby and Jax, and we live on our family farm.

What are some of your hobbies or other interest outside of CCCC?
I love to garden, read, draw/paint and decorate our home.

What superhero power would you most like to have?
The ability to duplicate myself.

Which actor would portray you in a movie about your life?
Sandra Bullock, I am sure it would be a comedy.

Anything else you'd like to share with the CCCC family?
Thank you for the honor of being recognized as Employee of the Month. I consider it an even greater honor to be a part of a team that inspires, motivates and helps others reach their goals; each and every day.



Health Science Faculty Member of the Year

ealth Science Faculty Member of the Year

Anne O'Shaughnessy is 2018 Central Carolina Community College Health Science Faculty Member of the Year. She is Practicum Coordinator/Instructor, Medical Assisting.

O'Shaughnessy has been recognized for providing exceptional support and service to the students she serves. She goes above and beyond to make sure that students in the Medical Assisting program are getting the training and help they need.


Dreamkeeper Fund Stands Ready

Hurricane Florence may bring hardships that are overwhelming for some of our students. We know that many live in precarious financial circumstances, and even a small financial setback can be insurmountable.

The Foundation has received more than 50 requests for help from Dreamkeepers in the past two days. Many students will not be paid for the several days of work they lost due to the hurricane, and this throws everything into jeopardy including their continued enrollment. Most are able to stay enrolled with a $50 giftcard and a bag of food, but others need $100-$200 to pay an electric bill, fix a car part damaged by flooding, replace a textbook, or make a single monthly tuition payment they'd have had to miss. Dreamkeepers is enabling them to stay enrolled -- some will graduate at the end of this semester. We expect more requests over the coming weeks, and really appreciate any and all donations as this is a crisis point for many students.

You may recall that we have a thriving Dreamkeeper Fund here at CCCC that provides modest grants to help students overcome unexpected funding shortfalls or emergency situations so they can stay in school. Faculty, staff, and community leaders have generously supported this fund because we want EVERY student to be able to achieve his or her dreams! We've also been awarded a state Finish Line grant to help students nearing completion of their credentials with emergency expenses.

If you learn about students who are struggling after Florence, please have them complete the Dreamkeeper Student Application to apply for either grant. If circumstances prevent them from using this internet form, please have them call Meghan Brown directly at (919) 498-4512.

You can also donate to our tax deductible Dreamkeeper Fund, to support our students who are in dire need. Please be sure to designate Dreamkeeper Fund in the Special Instructions box.

Many thanks for ALL you do to help our students thrive and succeed!


Undercover Student

Scott Byington, CCCC Dean of Arts, Sciences & Advising, spent Tuesday, Sept. 4, going to classes as a student for a day to see what the student experience is like.

Inspired by an article I saw about a college president who attends classes once a year to see the college as a student sees it, I decided to take on a similar challenge. What would it be like to be a CCCC student for a day? I wasn't trying to trick anyone. I wasn't even sure if students would take me seriously. But if they did... what could I learn about their experience that may help us make CCCC a better place?

Not only did I have to dress the part complete with hat, ear buds and backpack, I needed to commit to being a student. No faculty parking, no going to my office for a break, no inside knowledge. I would be a new student. I would figure out lunch when I got to school. I attended four classes, took notes, participated in class and talked with my "classmates." All the instructors graciously allowed to visit as a student and didn't "blow my cover."

There were some definite highlights. On at least four different occasions, fellow students reached out to me to give me advice on where to find a class, to offer me a pen, and to warn me about parking and a particular water fountain. One especially poignant moment was when, after an unhelpful comment was made by a staff member to me in a crowded hallway, a student befriended me and helped me find my class. We may think that students are not looking out for each other, but they are.

I also discovered something I already knew: we have some excellent instructors. My instructors (David Hartman, Karen Owen-Bogan, Amber Thomas, and Mike Fann) conducted professional, meaningful and challenging classes. My classmates respected the faculty. I am sure that many students come back day after day because of the quality instruction and affirmation they receive here at CCCC. I hasten to mention that though I had four classes, I interacted, or potentially could have interacted, with eight different faculty and staff outside the buildings or in the halls. There are opportunities for us all to make an impact if we encounter a student.

There was another side to my experience, though. As a newer student, I wandered the campus before my 8 a.m. class, I could not find anyone to help me. Between two of my classes, two very well-meaning staff mistakenly directed me to the wrong building. As I approached Wilkinson from the back, I could not figure out how to enter the building. I did not understand the numbering system; I could not even tell a classroom building from an administrative building from the outside; and how did I know which building corresponded to which number on my schedule? I was told by a fellow student that I probably wouldn't have time to eat because I wouldn't be able to find parking near my next class building. I took a chance, got a fast but not nutritious meal, and when I got back, there were lots of open parking - but it was all for faculty and staff. So, I had to park down the hill, and eat lunch in my car, in nine minutes. When a student told me that she didn't eat lunch twice a week last semester because she didn't have a way to leave when she had a class break, it was painful to hear.

My advice from this experience? The next time you pass a student in the hallway, say hi. After two hours as a student, it was very heartening if someone on staff spoke to me. If a student appears to be looking for something, he probably is--offer to help. Maybe there is a reason that a student could not print out that 20-page reading assignment; maybe he did not have enough money to put on a print card. And maybe if a student walks in to your early class a few minutes late slightly flustered, consider for just a moment that maybe she didn't eat breakfast, that she had to park and walk farther than you did to get into the building, and yet she made it to class. Maybe we need find even more ways of supporting and affirming our students and thinking about the CCCC experience from the student vantage point; frankly, folks, it is tougher than it looks.


EdNC Data Visit

CCCC was pleased to host Bryan Noreen of EdNC Data on Tuesday, Sept. 4. He met with President T. Eston Marchant and various faculty/staff while visiting several programs at CCCC.


Miles for Wellness Challenge 18: Trail of Amusing Museums

The "Move More" statewide eight-week physical activity challenge allows employees to participate in a variety of activities, with the goal of increasing daily movement, while "traveling down a virtual trail."

At the Miles for Wellness Challenge 18 website, employees can find the Captains Spreadsheet, "Captain Must Know" doc, Liability Waiver form, the registration link, and all other materials from the same page. Don't delay. Teams that register early are more likely to keep their chosen team name, than are late registrants!

Team Captains can register their team at Miles for Wellness Challenge 18 Registration.


Professional Enrichment Schedule

2018-19 Professional Enrichment Schedule - As sessions are added throughout the year, you will receive correspondence from Daisha Gaines in our Center for Academic Excellence. Feel free to reach out to the Center to make requests for additional training and development sessions.


Food Pantry

Central Carolina Community College in partership with CUOC (Christians United Outreach Center) is proud to sponsor a food pantry. Supplies of food are distributed around campus and at least one person in each building has access to the food. No questions will be asked. During the semester there will be at least one food drive on campus so look for an announcement soon! Thank you to CUOC, Meghan Brown, and Kelly Klug for all the hard work!


Cross Country Team This Fall

For the first time, Central Carolina Community College is fielding a cross country team this fall.

Jacob Ashworth, a former cross country coach at Lee County High School, has been selected to serve as the CCCC cross country coach.

"The opportunity to build the program from the ground up is the most interesting and exciting aspect of coaching CCCC," said Ashworth. "I will be able to continue to share my love of the sport while implementing the tradition that is often times associated with a cross country team."

Coach Ashworth will be assisted by Coach Clifton Scarborough. "I'm looking forward to a fun and challenging season, working alongside Coach Ashworth as we help our athletes become their best during and outside of competition."


CCCC Volleyball

The CCCC volleyball team defeated Rockingham Community College, 3-2, on Sept. 11. Here are some photos, taken by Matt Smith, from the event.

CCCC Volleyball Team CCCC Volleyball Team CCCC Volleyball Team CCCC Volleyball Team CCCC Volleyball Team CCCC Volleyball Team CCCC Volleyball Team CCCC Volleyball Team


Notes from Institutional Effectiveness & Research

*New* 2018-21 Outcomes & Assessment Templates Now Available in Compliance Assist

Based on YOUR requests and feedback, the Outcomes and Assessment templates were redesigned for ease of use! The new template reports three years in one tab via 11 links instead of 63 links in three tabs. The changes will greatly streamline the process for reporters and reviewers! Watch this short video to learn more.

Introducing the 2018 Fact Book

The second edition of the CCCC Fact Book is now available! This helpful resource includes all of your general CCCC data needs. Highlights include enrollment information, graduation rates, fall to fall retention, and service area information!

Upcoming Professional Development: Excel Basics to Make Your Life Easier

Ever wonder if there's a simpler and faster way to sort, merge, or calculate data? If so, this session is for you! During this interactive session, we will take you through sorting information, merging two sheets with similar information, combining information in multiple cells, and formulas that will make your jobs and life easier! Register today for the session on Tuesday, Oct. 23, from 2 - 3 p.m.

Institutional Effectiveness & Research is your home for accreditation, strategic planning, outcomes & assessment, and institutional research!


News From The Library

Hurricane Donations Being Accepted

The CCCC Library is helping with hurricane relief in the aftermath of Florence. The Lee and Harnett Libraries are accepting donations from now through Oct. 1. Donations will benefit CCCC students and the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina. A list of most needed donation items is below. Thank you for your support in this effort.

  • Diapers
  • Baby formula, infant cereal
  • Pedialyte and Ensure
  • Toilet paper
  • Toothpaste and toothbrushes
  • Disposable razors
  • Soap, shampoo, and other personal hygiene products
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Non-perishable, non-cook foods (peanut butter, cereal, granola bars, etc.)
  • Canned foods (pop-tops preferred)

Note: No glass items, please!

Talk Like a Pirate Day Rescheduled

The Talk Like a Pirate Day student activity has been rescheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 26, to allow everyone recovery time from Hurricane Florence. Our thoughts are with those who have been affected by the storm.

Students can learn how to speak Pirate (as well as any of 70+ languages, including ESL) using Mango Languages. The Harnett Library will have a pirate speaking contest, a N.C. history of pirates display, and light refreshments all day. The Lee Library in partnership with the SGA will hold a student activity from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. in the courtyard outside the library. The activity will include a pirate costume contest (no guns; plastic swords OK), a pirate speaking contest, storytelling on the history of pirates in N.C., games, prizes, snacks, and more. Pieces of Eight Troupe will be our special guests. Please share with your students and feel free to come and support the activity.

Banned Books Week Sept. 24 - 28

The Harnett and Lee Libraries will have a banned books display to highlight Banned Books Week. Students can learn why books are banned from libraries and schools, and collect one of the banned book buttons.

Remembering 9/11 Exhibit

The Harnett Library held a "Remembering 9/11" exhibit on Sept. 11. In this exhibit, newspapers from September 2001 were displayed. These newspapers were loaned to the Library by our Harnett Library Assistant, Barbara Bera. The Library also displayed photo collections and streamed "Dan Rather Remembers 9/11: Dan Rather Reports" from the Films on Demand database. Patrons and classes visited the exhibit in commemoration of this day.

Library Instruction & Online Librarians

Librarians are scheduling library instruction sessions for your fall classes. You can also request an online librarian for your class Blackboard class to help your students throughout the semester, or a brief pop-in visit for an introduction or refresher on the library. We tailor our instruction to meet your needs! To request an online librarian, contact Nora Burmeister at Faculty may request an instruction session for seated classes using our online form, or by contacting the librarian at your campus:

  • Chatham - Dana Haven (919) 545-8088
  • Harnett - Grace Sharrar (910) 814-8814
  • Lee - Samantha O'Connor (919) 718-7340 or Nora Burmeister (919) 718-7435

Haunted Library Oct. 29 - 31

Save the date for the 9th annual Haunted Library at the Lee Main Campus Library. Stop by for a trick or treat, and enjoy the Halloween decorations.

Chatham Community Library Events

Friends of the Library Fall Book Sale

The Friends of the Library fall book sale includes more than 15,000 books (all categorized), plus CDs, DVDs, and audiobooks. All items are in excellent condition. Admission is free, and purchases may be made by cash, check, and now we have Square for credit card purchases! Dates and times of the book sale are:

  • Thursday, Sept. 27: 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.
  • Friday, Sept. 28: 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.
  • Saturday, Sept. 29: 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

On Friday, all books and materials are half price. On Saturday, fill a grocery bag for $5, with no limit on the number of bags. For more information about the sale, call the library at (919) 545-8084.

Titanic: Ship of Dreams: Oct. 4 from 6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m. (Rescheduled from Sept. 13)

Take a glimpse into 1912 and the 2,228 amazing people who boarded the most luxurious and largest ship in the world and sailed off into immortality. Dr. Melinda Ratchford will take audiences on a voyage in time to learn about the Titanic, as well as to see her extensive collection of Titanic memorabilia. Dr. Ratchford will introduce listeners to the young Robert Spedden and his Stief bear, Polar; the world's richest man and his beautiful new wife who had to leave New York society under a cloud of shame; and the elderly man and wife who tested the vow of "till death do we part." This presentation will offer the chance to experience the world of courage, fear, love, and cowardice that is still alive over one hundred years after the Titanic's sinking. Dr. Ratchford has a B.S. in Social Science, a Master's in Library Education, and a Doctorate in Education. She worked in North Carolina public schools for 31 years and taught 18 years as a fulltime Associate Professor at Belmont Abbey College. Her avocation has been a 60-year interest in the study of the R.M.S. Titanic and her history, and she has traveled to all of the sites that have Titanic connections. This program is presented in conjunction with the NC Humanities Council and is free and open to the public.


Red Clay Review

From the 2017 issue of the Red Clay Review, "The Distance Travelled Winds of Her Soul" by Craig V. Shore

I’ll hear no talk of destiny
I’ll hear no song of fear
I will only hear
the uplifting song
Of voices, stunning clear

We’ve laughed and cried
and joyed and sorrowed
Took gambles several
And watched what followed

And now I’ll share
Observations few.
And thoughts
of Life.
What I know
is True.

Live each day without regret
Be a kind and gentle spirit
Attempt the new
but hold some old
If mind gets muddled, clear it

To understand
another’s mind
please occupy
their shoes
To understand another’s heart
Eyes open
to the clues

Cavort in the canyons
Prance on the prairies
Believe in your
Of magicians and fairies

Drive through the desert
Meander the mountains
Walk up the down staircase
Go shoeless in fountains

Journey this life.
And please leave a trace
Be known for compassion…
Caring and

One conscious chance we’re
On this spinning planet
Build the castles
Chase the dreams
Discover passion
Fan it

I took liberty
to occupy
For understand I
Her Essence

the absence felt
is counterweighed
By her overwhelming

I watched last night
The Gathering.
Heard loud and raucous
Reflected on
Inquisitive niece
Who has transcended
To hereafter

In my years
I’ve oft been asked.
The Purpose and the Reason.
Of one person walking
into life
And the Why
of length of Season.

The mantra of Life
is to give of our Gift
and then,
in turn, Receive
And understand deep
the moments in time
when soul and spirit



Chinese Culture & Arts

Chinese Culture & Arts



Miles for Wellness Challenge 18: Trail of Amusing Museum - Extended

The beginning of Miles for Wellness Challenge 18 has been extended through next Monday, Sept. 24, due to the impact of Hurricane Florence. The Challenge will now start on Sept. 24 and run through Nov. 18.

Bonus Leave Session - Rescheduled

Due to the college being closed on Tuesday, we have rescheduled The Maximizing Your Bonus Leave session for Wednesday, Sept. 26, from 2 - 3 p.m. in the same Smart room locations except for Harnett:

  • Lee - Wilkinson room #210,
  • Pittsboro - Building #42, room #109,
  • Harnett- Ethridge, room #310

If you have already registered, no need to re-register. If you're not already registered and would like to attend, please register at

Talk Like A Pirate Day - Rescheduled

The Talk Like a Pirate Day student activity is rescheduled for next Wednesday, Sept. 26, to allow everyone recovery time from Hurricane Florence. Our thoughts are with those who have been affected by the storm.

Implementing Change From Any Position - Rescheduled

We have rescheduled this session for Friday, Sept. 28, from 2 - 3 p.m., live streamed, in the Smart rooms:

  • Lee - Wilkinson room #210,
  • Pittsboro - Building #42, room #109,
  • Harnett - Ethridge, room #310

For those of you that have already registered, no need to re-register. For anyone that would like to join us, please register at

Titanic: Ship of Dreams - Rescheduled

The Titanic: Ship of Dreams presentation is rescheduled for Oct. 4, from 6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Golf Classics 2018 - Postponed

The Central Carolina Community College Foundation's 29th Annual Lee County Golf Classic has been postponed to Wednesday, Oct. 10, at Sanford Municipal Golf Course.


NCWorks Partnership Conference

North Carolina's premier workforce conference will be held Oct. 10-12 in Greensboro at the Sheraton Four Seasons.

The NCWorks Partnership Conference traditionally draws upward of 1,000 Workforce Development Professionals from across the state. Attendees represent labor, state and federal government, education, community-based organizations, community colleges, and the private sector. In its 31st year, the Conference continues to offer timely topics and great networking opportunities.

For additional information, visit
or email ncworksconference


2018 National Manufacturing Day

2018 National Manufacturing Day


Scrub Exchange


Connecting the Bots

WRAL recently visited the CCCC Lee Main Campus and included the college in the WRAL Documentary titled "Connecting The Bots." The WRAL Documentary examines how automation is changing the workplace. Hosted by WRAL News anchor and reporter Brad Johansen, the documentary can be viewed online at Connecting the Bots.


Wellness Fair

Please mark your calendars for Wednesday, Oct. 24, from 9 a.m. to noon in the CFC Gym. Vendors and programs from the college and surrounding community are expected to participate. More information will follow as the Health and Fitness Science students design the program, but please plan to attend as students, faculty, staff, and the general public are invited.



College Events Now on Google Calendar

Faculty and staff now have the option of seeing upcoming college events on their Google calendar.

  1. Go to your Google calendar
    • Your calendar can be access via your email.
    • Click on the 3x3 grid
    • Select the calendar icon .
  2. In the left column, type "Event Calendar" in the Add A coworker's calendar search box.

The Event Calendar will be listed with your other calendars. You will see upcoming college events on your calendar. We hope you will enjoy this new calendar feature!


Cougar Cudos

Looking for a way to say thank you without being noticed? Send an anonymous* compliment or note of appreciation to a colleague! Try this great feature from the Center for Academic Excellence by completing this form.

*Your name and email address will be kept confidential and not sent with your message.


Professional Development Opportunities

What is Hoonuit?

If seated professional development doesn't work for you or your schedule, we get it and we're now offering a new eLearning platform to meet your needs. Welcome to Hoonuit!

Online professional learning designed to assist faculty and staff to support student and improve our technical and professional skills by providing pathways, featuring sessions, and continuously adding new sessions. These trainings are available 24/7 and come with a certificate of completion upon completion of the outcome-based learning focusing on:

  • LearnIt: Learn from Best Practice
  • DoIt: Apply Learning to Life
  • ShareIt: Connect & Get Feedback
  • ProveIt: Document Learning

To access, visit and log in to the CCCC Portal with your campus network credentials. Once signed in, click the Hoonuit link on the far right side.


Friday, Sept. 21, 2 - 3 p.m.
Harnett Campus- Etheridge #310

See above for description.

Register at

Focus 2
Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2 - 3 p.m.
Smart rooms- Lee - Wilkinson #210; Chatham - Building #42-Room #109; Harnett - Building #4- Room #422
Presented by: Mary Parker & Sonya Hayes

Join us to learn how FOCUS 2 can guide your students through a reliable, intuitive career and education decision-making model to help them choose a college, select a major, explore occupations, make informed career decisions and take action in their career development.

Register at

Understanding our Budget
Thursday, Sept. 27, 2 - 3 p.m.
Smart rooms- Lee - Wilkinson #210; Chatham - Building #42-Room #109; Harnett - Building #4- Room #422
Presented by: Tamara Joyner, Controller

This session will provide clarity to the most recent changes impacting our state's budget and will include action items that could help in saving our college funds to ensure long-term success.

Register at


AVISO Updates
Thursday, Oct. 11, 2 - 3 p.m.
Harnett Campus- Etheridge #310

Come and learn about the newest updates in AVISO and how to utilize this system to benefit your students.

Register at

AVISO Updates
Friday, Oct. 12, 2:30 - 3:30 p.m.
Harnett Campus- Etheridge #310

Come and learn about the newest updates in AVISO and how to utilize this system to benefit your students.

Register at

Understanding our Budget
Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2 - 3 p.m.

This session will provide clarity to the most recent changes impacting our State’s budget and will include action items that could help in saving our college funds to ensure long-term success.

Register at

Excel Basics to Make Your Life Easier
Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2 - 3 p.m.

Ever wonder if there’s a simpler and faster way to sort. merge, or calculate data? If so, this session is for you! During this interactive session, we will take you through sorting information, merging two sheets with similar information, combining information in multiple cells and formulas that will make your jobs and life easier!

Register at

View the complete Professional Development schedule. Hope to see you all soon and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns!

Daisha Gaines



2018 Remaining Pay Dates

JulyJuly 10, 2018July 31, 2018
AugustAug. 10, 2018Aug. 31, 2018
SeptemberSept. 10, 2018Sept. 28, 2018
OctoberOct. 10, 2018 Oct. 31, 2018
NovemberNov. 8, 2018 Nov. 30, 2018
DecemberDec. 4, 2018Dec. 21, 2018


Affected by the stress of the hurricane? Your EAP can help.

If you, or anyone in your family, has been affected by the recent hurricanes, let your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) help with professional counseling and guidance. See the attached files for more information. To request assistance or an appointment, call toll-free at (800) 633-3353. Available anytime, any day, your Employee Assistance Program is a free, confidential program to help you balance your work, family, and personal life.

Phone: (800) 633-3353


  • My Portal login > Work-Life
  • Username: cccc2014
  • Password: guest


EAP September

View the EAP newsletter for September.

Topics covered in this month's newsletter include:

  • Caregivers & Depression
  • How to Ask for Less Micromanagement
  • Respecting Personal Boundaries
  • How to Improve Team Skills and more

This month's webinar is "Creating a Personal Developing Plan" available now. Participate in this session to understand effective goal setting and identify potential obstacles that can create barriers to reaching your goals. Monthly seminars are updated the third Tuesday of each month. Registration is not required. To access visit

  • Username: cccc2014
  • Password: guest

To request assistance or an appointment, call toll-free at (800) 633-3353. Available anytime, any day, your Employee Assistance Program is a free, confidential program to help you balance your work, family, and personal life.



Employee of the Month Program

Please join me as we continue recognizing our full-time faculty and staff for their exceptional contributions and customer service. The purpose of this award is to:

  • Promote positive employee-to-employee and employee-to-student interactions on campus in order to further a learning first culture.
  • Increase employee engagement through recognizing positive employee behaviors.

The Employee Recognition Committee is currently accepting nominations. All nominations are due by the first Monday of the calendar month to be recognized the following month.

Read Employee of the Month Program Eligibility & Guidelines. To nominate a deserving colleague, please click: Employee of the Month Nomination Form.


Welcome New Employees!

  • Sandra Bowen, Associate in Arts Instructor
  • Samantha Carroll, Financial Aid
  • Joseph Farley, Facilities Management
  • Fae Goodman, Retention & Recruiting
  • Rachel Higgins, Career Services
  • Caroline Julich, Academic Assistance
  • Sherica McNeill, Health Instructor
  • Dustin Nichols, Math Instructor
  • Leslie Oldham, Cosmetology Instructor
  • Elizabeth Ryan, Practical Nursing Instructor
  • Lauren Winkens, Associate in Arts Instructor


Thank you

Dear CCCC Family,

Thank you all so much for the flowers, cards, prayers and kind expressions of concern during the most difficult time in my life. Your thoughtfulness and warmth are truly helpful in getting me through the darkest of days....

Cindy Page



Birthday Cake
9/21 Leigh Beam
9/21 Jimmie Boggs
9/21 Crystal Prevatte
9/22 Stormy Mascitelli
9/23 Constance Boahn
9/23 Benjamin Thomas
9/24 John Ainsworth
9/24 David Baker
9/24 Valorie Benn
9/24 Joel Oldham
9/24 Karen Walton
9/25 Mary Wicker
9/26 Denise Martin
9/27 Lora Witcher
9/28 Markita McCrimmon
9/29 Rebeccah Lystash
9/30 Emma Belcher
10/1 Felicia Crittenden
10/1 Charles Mann
10/2 Rachel Rabb
10/2 Amber Werkheiser
10/3 Danette Foster
10/4 Dr. Bud Marchant
10/4 Ronald McLamb
10/5 Brian Merritt
10/5 Nutan Varma
10/6 Timothy Barnes
10/6 David Hartman
10/6 Oscar Hernandez
10/6 Derek Lewis
10/7 Randy Foxx
10/7 Daniel Furr
10/8 Sara Delvalle-Blair
10/8 David Haire
10/8 Kim Shaw
10/9 Chester Holder
10/9 Summerlin Webb
10/10 Leslie Oldham
10/11 Kevin Whitley
10/12 Wrenn Crowe
10/13 Charles Bell
10/13 Jesse Jasso
10/14 Brian Godfrey
10/16 David Barron
10/16 Nicole Lofton
10/18 Mary Jones
10/20 Lisa Brown
10/21 Craig Ciliberto
10/21 Ana Fleeman
10/21 Tammie Quick
10/21 Matthew Smith
10/23 David Foster
10/23 Nikla Jefferies
10/24 Samantha O'Connor
10/25 Kay Faucette
10/25 Vickie Harrington
10/28 Debra McNeill
10/29 Jennifer Trice
10/30 Amy Whitmer
10/31 Crystal Smith
10/31 James Thomas



Warren Jones Jr. a former transfer counselor here at CCCC in the late 1970s and early 1980s passed away in Greensboro on September 2. Warren attended NC A&T and Johns Hopkins University and did post graduate work at UNC Greensboro. Hargett Funeral Home in Greensboro handled the services.

James Healy, a former adjunct history instructor at CCCC in the middle 2000s passed away on September 7. James earned a B.A. in History from Mars Hill and a M.A. from the University of Maine. James served with the U.S. Army in Vietnam and was honorably discharged from the Army with the rank of Sgt. Knotts Funeral home in Sanford handled the services.


Your Employee Assistance Program is here to assist during any difficult time.



Dates to Remember


Monday, Sept. 24: Miles for Wellness Challenge 18: Trail of Amusing Museum begins.

Wednesday, Sept. 26: Bonus Leave Session from 2 - 3 p.m.

Wednesday, Sept. 26: Talk Like A Pirate Day

Friday, Sept. 28: Implementing Change From Any Position Session from 2 - 3 p.m.

Thursday, Oct. 4: Titanic: Ship of Dreams presentation from 6:30 - 8 p.m.

Wednesday, Oct. 10: 29th Annual Lee County Golf Classic.

Monday, Oct. 15: Chinese Culture & Arts Exhibition.

Wednesday, Oct. 24: Wellness Fair from 9 a.m. to noon in the CFC Gym.

Have an event coming up? Be sure to send along the details and we will include in Cougar Bytes. Email Cris Oliver at




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Cougar Pets

My name is Lulu. I am a 1-year-old female that would love to be your new best friend! I enjoy the company of people and other dogs. I am very sweet and love to play! I cannot wait to find my furever home! I am deaf and would need a patient and experienced furever family.

All of our adoptable dogs and cats are spayed/neutered, microchipped, and up-to-date on all vaccines. In addition, they have had regular dental cleanings, blood work, and physical exams. We pride ourselves on the care that our cats and dogs receive during their stay. Contact us at for more information on our colony cats and available dogs.

To make it easier for potential adopters to fill out applications, complete the online form at Happy adopting!



Things Wanted, For Sale, or For Free!

Tanzanite and Gold Earrings

Nice 14K Gold and Tanzanite earrings that have never been worn. They are still in original jewelry store box and bag.

Retail for $400, but selling for $150. For more information and photos visit Contact Mike Peluso with questions at More information and photos at:

Home for sale

443 John Godfrey Rd.
Sanford, NC 27332

Please contact Faye Stone at for additional details.

In Search of Gently Used Towels

The VMT program is in search of donations of gently used towels for our Cougar Pets crew. Do you have any to spare? Donations can be dropped off at the faculty office in the VMT building, Suite 113. Thank you!



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Cougar Bytes is happy to accept your new semester contributions! Our monthly Cougar Bytes newsletter is focused on staff and faculty. We welcome your stories, successes, events, photos, or shout-outs in every issue. Please submit your contributions to or contact Cris Oliver at with any questions or suggestions.

Our deadline for contributions is Oct. 17 for the October issue. Thank you!