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College Catalog 2008-2010

The Instructional Program

Many decisions precede the implementation of any new curriculum program. Surveys are used to determine student interest and the availability of employment. Advisory committees are organized in order that community interest, advice, and counsel may be solicited. Funds must be available for instructors and necessary equipment and instructional space must be available. Only after the approval of the Board of Trustees and the State Board of Community Colleges may a new program be implemented.

A strong asset of the North Carolina Community College System is the flexibility in programs. When the job market no longer provides employment for graduates in certain areas, programs can be phased out so more critical labor needs may be met. It is not the purpose of the college to adopt a fixed curriculum; rather, its aim is to modify all programs to meet the ever-changing needs in the fields of employment.

The college reserves the right to cancel any course or program in cases of low enrollment or decreased budget. The college reserves the right to change any curriculum, and such changes may be made without prior notice. This catalog is not to be read as part of a contractual relationship between the college and a student or prospective student.