Career Development

Assistance developing realistic career goals and plans is available through the Career Center. In the Career Center an individual may speak with a trained professional and work together to solve problems associated with career choices and educational planning. The Career Center offers information on career-related topics such as job descriptions, duties, work environment, wages/salaries, essential skills, training, and education requirements for the job market.

Career Planning

Career assessments through Career Cruising such as, Career Matchmaker; My Skills; Learning Styles; and Ability Profiler inventories are available in the Career Center to help you learn about yourself: Career Cruising computerized career exploration program, Career Explorer, and online assessments.

Goal Planning

The Career Center offers resources such as videos, references, and resource books for individual career paths. Career Cruising software, as well as workshops and individual one-on-one sessions covering areas such as resume writing, cover letters, thank-you notes, interviewing techniques, and job applications are available.

Take action at the Career Center. We offer a variety of services to aid in your quest for the right career:

  • Part-time and full-time job postings
  • Internet research stations
  • Resume building
  • Mock interview sessions
  • Cover letter and thank-you note critiques
  • Information database of community colleges and universities
  • Up-to-date video selection