New Students

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    View Degree, Diploma, and Certificate Options at CCCC

    Learn more about the programs of study offered at CCCC.

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    Contact an Admissions Counselor

    • Chatham County: (919) 545-8025 or (919) 545-8028
    • Harnett County: (910) 814-8827, 8867
    • Lee County: (919) 718-7300
    • Distance Education: (919) 718-7300
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    Complete your NC Residency Determination

    All applicants are now required to complete documentation for the North Carolina Residency Determination Service. Residency determination establishes if students should have in-state or out-of-state tuition. You must complete the NC Residency Determination before completing a college application. Students must use their legal name when completing the NC Residency Determination Service and when applying to the college. A failure to match a student's name between the systems will delay the enrollment process.

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    Apply to CCCC

    Complete your application either online or through a printed version. To obtain a printed application form, call (800) 682-8353 or download the printed application from the website. For a printed format, return it to Student Services in person or mail to the address below:

    If you do not plan to seek a degree at CCCC and only wish to take one or more courses, select that you want to be a "Special Credit" student on your application. On the print application this choice is made at the bottom of the page where all degrees are listed.

    • Admissions Office
    • Central Carolina Community College
    • 1105 Kelly Drive
    • Sanford, NC 27330
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    Submit Official Transcripts

    Transcripts must be sent to CCCC directly from the high school and/or previous college(s) you attended.

    • Contact your high school and/or any previous colleges you attended to send official transcripts directly to the Admissions Office.
    • Central Carolina Community College does not process requests for GED transcripts. If you earned a GED in North Carolina, you can request a copy of your GED transcript by completing the form at the following link and mailing or faxing it to the NC GED office. North Carolina Community Colleges GED Office
    • If you are a home school student, the home school administrator must provide proof that the home school is certified by the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Instruction and standardized test scores.
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    Prepare for & Satisfy Placement Requirements (if needed)

    By assessing your skills, we can determine which of our English, mathematics, and reading courses are most appropriate for you. All applicants must test unless they have satisfactory SAT, ACT, Asset, or Compass scores and/or transcripts (when applicable) documenting proper degrees, allowing testing exemption. You can take your placement test on any of the college's main campuses. For more information or to schedule your placement test, contact:

    • Chatham Main Campus: (919) 545-8029
    • Harnett Main Campus: (910) 814-8863
    • Lee Main Campus: (919) 718-7300
    • Distance Education: (919) 718-7300

    Visit the Placement Testing website to find more information and study guides.

    Get helpful study videos from the College Success Center.

    Questions? Need additional information? Visit us online at or call (800) 682-8353.

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    Apply for Financial Aid (annually)

    Students interested in financial aid assistance should review the application steps.

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    Apply for Scholarships

    Scholarships are funds that may be based on merit and/or need. Find out more.

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    Complete New Student Orientation (NSO)

    New Student Orientation is an opportunity to learn important information when starting college and to get your questions answered.

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    Log into WebAdvisor

    Use WebAdvisor to:

    • Check Financial Aid Information
    • Check Credits Transferred
    • Check Personal Data
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    Register for Classes

    Meet with your Admissions Counselor

    • Chatham County: (919) 545-8025
    • Harnett County: (910) 814-8827, 8867
    • Lee County: (919) 718-7300
    • Distance Education: (919) 718-7300
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    Connect to CCCC Technologies

    CCCC students have access to many online tools, including: CougarMail, Blackboard (Blackboard login works on the first day of class at 9 a.m.), WebAdvisor, and Aviso. To get help at any time, visit:

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    Pay Tuition and Fees by Deadline

    You must pay your tuition and fees on time or you risk being de-registered. Payment option information is available on the Business Office webpage.

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    Get Parking Pass

    Students taking classes on any CCCC campus must have a parking decal. Find out more details on the Business Office webpage.

  16. step16

    Get Your Student ID

    Student IDs are made at the Lee Main Campus and Harnett Main Campus libraries and in the main building at the Chatham Main Campus. Students should provide a copy of their registration schedule and/or receipt as proof of enrollment at the time their ID is made.

  17. step17

    Purchase Books and Supplies

    Bookstores are located in Harnett and Lee counties. For more information, call Lee Main Campus Bookstore at (919) 718-7275 or the Harnett Main Campus Bookstore at (910) 814-8810 or visit the Bookstore webpage.

    If one or more of your distance courses requires a lab kit, you should contact your instructor to get these materials.

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    Go to Class!

    Congratulations! It's time for you to start classes at CCCC!
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    Distance Education Students Complete Online Orientations

    All distance education courses (online, hybrid, web-assisted) require a course-specific orientation in Blackboard. Your orientation will become available to you beginning on the first day of class. If a student fails to complete an orientation by the assigned due date, he/she may be dropped from the course. After completing the course-specific orientation(s), you will have the information needed to be successful in your distance course(s). It is imperative that you make contact with your instructor on or before the date indicated on the academic calendar in order to remain in the course.