New Student Orientation


Do I have to register online to attend CCCC's Orientation!?
We encourage you to register online to ensure there is enough space and material to accommodate all participants. When maximum room capacity is reached, reservations will be closed.
Can parents or family members attend Orientation? Do they need to register also?
Yes! A student can bring up to 2 adults. Please include them in the "number of people attending" as you register for your orientation session.
How do I register for Orientation specifically by location?
The Orientation sessions listed here are listed by Date, Starting Time, and Campus. Please click a session that best fits your schedule, and then click the "register" link. You will be asked a couple of questions to verification purposes and that will complete the registration process.
How will I know my online registration has been received?
You will receive a confirmation email from CCCC after registering, which will provide all the details about your Orientation session. This email will be sent to the email address that you choose to use list during the registration process.
Can I cancel my online registration?
Yes. To cancel an existing registration, simply select the "Cancel Orientation" option on the left-hand side of the Orientation website. Doing so will help ensure that we have an accurate number of students and materials for each session.
Are ALL new students required to attend an Orientation session?
Students who attend college orientation programs are better prepared academically to start their first semester of college Attendance is expected by ALL incoming students to attend a CCCC orientation session if they plan to attend CCCC in the fall.
Which campus should I go to for Orientation?
It doesn't matter. However, it's a good idea to attend the campus where most of your fall classes are held so you can become familiar with that campus and its resources.
Can I pay for tuition and fees on my CCCC Orientation Day?
YES, depending on the date of orientation!
Can my children attend the CCCC orientation?
The CCCC orientation is designed for college students and their adult family members. Therefore, children are not encouraged to attend.
Can I register for classes and/or take placement testing?
Yes, there is time set aside for during each orientation session for students to meet with an advisor along with time set aside for testing. It is highly recommended that you plan on completing these while you are on campus to save yourself from making another trip. Check out the Placement Testing Webpage to prepare for the test.
What if I cannot attend one of the Summer Orientation dates?
We provide a variety of sessions to accommodate the busy schedules of our new students. If you are unable to attend one of our Summer Orientation sessions due to an insurmountable hardship, please email us and we will assist you with finding a solution. Vacations, summer jobs, and other obligation are important, but New Student Orientation helps students prepare for a successful college career, and in the long run, is a great investment of time for both new students and their families.