About CCCC

Trustee's Responsibilities

  1. Appoint, evaluate, advise, and, if necessary, terminate the President.
  2. Participate in the development and revision of the College's "Statement of Purpose."
  3. Participate in the establishment of goals for the College consistent with the College's "Statement of Purpose" and the state priorities.
  4. Create general policies that provide guidance for the President and staff as they pursue the role and mission, and which define benefits for College personnel and protect their due process rights.
  5. Ensure that the College has in place an effective system for planning and evaluation that uses results of evaluation to improve the College.
  6. Ensure that the College assets are well managed.
  7. Secure adequate financial resources to support the College's goals.
  8. Establish and terminate educational programs of the College based upon thorough documentation of need for new programs, and performance data regarding existing curriculums.
  9. Function as ambassadors for the College to the community and serve as a channel for information from the community to the College President.
  10. Buffer the College from undue external pressures.
  11. Serve as a court of appeal for aggrieved employees and/or students.
  12. Support the College's Foundation.
  13. Be informed. Ask the right questions. Know issues facing the College and the Community College system.
  14. Be professionally involved in NCACCT and ACCT.