Continuing Education

Big Rig Rescue


  • March 28/29 - BRR1
  • June 13/14 - BIG LIFT U

Big Rig Rescue™

The featured presenter is Billy Leach, Jr. Billy is recognized as the Developer and Sr. Presenter of BIG RIG RESCUE™. He has presented training nationally and internationally, notably FDNY's Technical Rescue School, International Vehicle Extrication Learning Symposium, FDIC, and Firehouse Magazine's Expo. more information

"Big Lift U"

Travel if you dare, Hell's Highway as you face very challenging yet realistic scenarios including, concrete mixer vs., smaller vehicle in ditch, fully loaded TT trailer overturn onto an auto, full size RR tanker underride, 20,000+ pound mixer drum balanced on an auto, inverted patient removal using air cushions, and multiple overturn/underride situations! The focus will be the effective use of air bag rescue systems (high, medium, & low pressure) and strut/cribbing support. During this training you learn how to safely move several thousand pound vehicles/objects and how to stabilize them. Are you ready for serious extrication training? more information